Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dunny and JH Deam

Dave and Dunny appear to have escaped from a carousel here, trying out the Clayton-made stock saddle.

Dunny loves her new rig- and the bridle too (can't remember when last she stopped so easily, quickly and with gusto), she had a great time taking the guys out for a spin. Dunny loves trying on new tack, this pony is such a clothes horse!

The saddle is stamped with the Makers Mark.. J.H.Deam from Clayton, New Mexico.
Looked him up online- was a saddle and harness maker at the turn of the century (building mostly stock saddles). He built the first saddle ever made in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Don't really know how old this saddle is- or if the name continued on without the man- but it seems to be well made for sure. After a little glycerine rubbed in, the leather has really regained life. It is said to have been custom-made for the previous owner, who apparently was quite aged when he passed on his saddle, after having worked in it for quite some time. It has a real nice feel. Does anyone know anything about JH Deam?

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