Monday, March 21, 2011

Elemental: Water

I was just remembering last summer when I caught the rushing galisteo river on film. 
It is always a kick to catch the coming of a flash flood. Especially when you are in the riverbed. 
Dunny and I were walking along when I heard the rush. Turning, we saw the foam coming behind us. Out of the river we go!  

It can be tricky working at the Galisteo Dam. 
Rainstorms in northern New Mexico eventually flow through the Galisteo River to the Rio Grande. Sometimes the river overflows and there can be three feet of water in the fields where tamarix-munching goats work. Camp is usually on higher ground during the monsoon season... 

Back at SunStar: Water soaks into the freshly prepared orchards making way for the coming greening.

Jujubes will be breaking bud in another few months. 
They wait until after the frosts to bud which in this valley is around late May. 

A lovely place to work out in Villanueva alongside the Pecos River.

The goats enjoy easy access to fresh flowing water.

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