Thursday, March 31, 2011

Return to El Dorado

We are back in El Dorado and the goats have hit the field once again!

Zebra munches down on some ragweed seedlings.

As does Atriplex.

Buck keeps a watchful eye on his little kids, many of which have no idea what is going on...

 Bucky also watches over the dry ragweed and brush eating,

along with Zuli.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upon a Monday

And they're off!

To find green things... 

Buck works on his riding skills...

I gave him a hand and watched his insecurities melt away...

At home my pup came into the big pen to be with his goats. He is working on making friends with Buck.

And the horse and goats...

And Regal....

The other pups meanwhile learn about Ozzie...

This guy is great.

His daddy loves him, and he his daddy.

We are off now to haul the goatpen (and later my house) into El Dorado to set up in preparation for the goats coming tomorrow. 
We will be first at the Compadres Kids' Park, and will be working west in the Greenbelt...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Drive

Dave took Dunny for a spin on the way to saddling... First time fast bareback on the horse with wings.

The little dogs hold the herd until we are ready.

Pecos came along with Kino and I...She had a great time eating and traveling with the goats and horses. 

We stopped by at Kino's property where he was born and spent his first nine or so years to check out the truck tracks someone left a few days ago... While Kino looked around Chapo parked himself by this mixer. He feels secure at a hitching post, or its equivalent, and he loves machinery....

Goats are like lemmings, but more agile...

Kino rides double...

It is nearly time to pick Chimija! Kino takes a sample from one of the better fields.

The Chimija is mostly dry and little as we have had too little moisture this winter/spring. But a little rain/snow a week ago boosted the vegetation in sheltered spots, lush growth appears in pockets here and there.

We had a fun time out with the goats. Lovely day, warm and only breezy... One of our last goatwalks of the spring before our return to El Dorado Tuesday/Wednesday. The goats will arrive on Wednesday and begin their work mitigating fire and reducing allergenic and pervasive weeds around the community (ragweed! a goat favorite!).

On top of the world...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Windy Spring Day

Yolo sails down the dam to join the goats below.

Everyone was in high spirits yesterday...

Yolo watches her goatherd from a windbreak.

Buck is greeted by a representative from the community horseherd.

As is Dunny.

Another horn toad makes like a rock under some dormant vegetation. Early toads get the ant? What ant? 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Herbs for Something in the air

Hollyhock is one of those ubiquitous and quintessential flowering plants around New Mexico. 
Adobe walls, wagon wheels and Hollyhocks are Santa Fe photographed. 

But did you know that this is one of the most important local weed/herbs? Often the most plentiful herbaceous plants are overlooked when their very presence shows great historic use, like Yarrow. 

I have noticed lately that the air has been quite irritating... perhaps it is the juniper pollen.... though I have never been too very affected by it, the pollen seems to have been more irritating for folks this year. 
But, after reading this morning about a mysterious virulent outbreak of some unknown respiratory illness in dogs up around Durango, Colorado I feel even stranger about the air. 
Hollyhock is a great tea for soothing raw or congested lungs and throat. It is soothing to the stomach and is quite pleasant to drink. 

I'd better drink up and add a bit of Coltsfoot and Yerba Mansa and also Nettles to the mix in preparation for our return to El Dorado early next week.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes we CAN all get along.

Bucky and Rocky have finally become buddies.

They are both breeding males. And young. Rocky is 20 months, Buck is 27 months old. 
Adolescence brought insecurities (on Buck's part) and some scary fights (Rocky is large). 
Luckily Rocky is a nice guy and they survived their arguments.

Now things have settled down and they play more and more each day.

Buck has calmed down altogether and doesn't need to be ultra-dominant.

Now they show great love for one another.

At the end of the day, after the goats come home, happiness reigns.

Some days the dogs are very alert. 
When a coyote is in the air the dogs are very much on guard.
They position on the edges, watch from hills... 

Other days they have brief moments of relaxation.

It is so good to see these two enjoying each other's company.